OIML-B18 Edition 2018 Framework for the OIML Certification System


OIML-CS OD-01 (Edition 3) Management Committee
OIML-CS OD-02 (Edition 2) Test Laboratories Forum


OIML-CS PD-01 (Edition 2) Appeals, Resolution of Complaints and Disputes
OIML-CS PD-02 (Edition 2) Approval of Legal Metrology experts and QMS experts
OIML-CS PD-03 (Edition 2) Application and approval of OIML Issuing Authorities, Utilizers and Associates
OIML-CS PD-04 (Edition 2) Assessment and approval of Test Laboratories
OIML-CS PD-05 (Edition 3) Processing an OIML Type Evaluation Report and OIML Certificate
OIML-CS PD-06 (Edition 3) Use of OIML Type Evaluation Reports and OIML Certificates
OIML-CS PD-07 (Edition 3) Transition Arrangements under the OIML-CS
OIML-CS PD-08 (Edition 2) Signing the OIML-CS Declaration